2020 Student Art Show

image of David Evelyn

David Evelyn

David was a long-time art educator and Islesboro Historical Society board member. His passion for art on Islesboro extended to organizing summer art shows at IHS, and promoting student art. In his memory, we established the David Evelyn Student Art Gallery on the stairs ascending to our museum. Now, for several summers, art created by Islesboro Central School students has been displayed. This year, with the challenges of Covid-19, representative ICS student art is now displayed right here for you to enjoy, as we carry on the inspired tradition of David Evelyn.

drawing of Historical Society
by David Evelyn

painting of landscape

by Caleb Read

image of crow

Crow by H. Van Dis


by Harper Conover

origami drawing

Origami Drawing by H. Van Dis

carving of frog

Stone Carving by Olivia Kelly

carving of hands

Stone Carving by Pia Gibson

carving of elephant

Stone Carving by Rylee Sienkiewicz

Participating Students

Harper Conover, grade 6
Pia Gibson, grade 11
Olivia Kelly, grade 12
Caleb Read, grade 6
Rylee Sienkiewitz, grade 12
Hazel Van Dis, grade 9

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